Hello, you!

Right. This place is all a bit new, so I’d appreciate it if you left those filthy boots by the door on your way in.

That’s better. You can sit down now.


First off, thanks for popping by. I know it’s always difficult wading through that self-indulgent swamp of actor websites, and I’m afraid I’m probably not going to make it any easier for you. All you can do is slip on your best cagoule and waders and pray for the odd cat picture.

This little area will mainly be used to let you know what I’m up to and where you can see me. If you want to, of course. I won’t force you. I’m fully aware that my face is terrifying.

There’s a handy wee menu to your left that’ll take you to other bits of the site. The portfolio has an array of headshots and production images. It’ll soon be home to the showreel and all that business.

The credits give you a snapshot of what I’ve done, but you’re better off hopping over to my Spotlight page for a more up to date overview.

The press section is potentially the most sickening. Do not attempt on a full stomach.

If you’d like to throw me some helpful feedback, complain about the lack of cat pictures, or even just say “yo”, hurl yourself over to the contact page. Stone the crows! You could even follow me on Twitter. It’s all there waiting for you.

Thanks again, chum. I’ll pop the kettle on for you.


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